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Technology for Global Campus Learning

Suggested Technology for Global Campus Students

Attention Students

It is highly recommended that students use Mozilla Firefox with Blackboard technologies.

It is recommended that students who are taking Global Campus courses have their own personal computer with a reliable internet connection to be able to access their courses. It's always best to have a backup plan if your primary computer, or access crashes.

Alternate sources for a personal computer can include that of:

  • a friend
  • family member
  • the public library
  • your local Davenport University library
  • or any other access to the internet.   

Additionally, we recommend that students have at least a minimum set of computer skills, such as the ability to:

  • send/receive email
  • work with Microsoft word processing programs
  • work with files and folders
  • copy and paste items
  • use and navigate internet sites, etc.

The technical information contained in this section is the minimum the University requires of students when taking Global Campus courses.