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TLI Committee

Thank you to our Wynalda Faculty Development Committee!

Many thanks to the members of the Wynalda Faculty Development Committee.  Your hard work, creativity, and dedication to supporting DU's culture of learning is greatly appreciated.  

As of 2018, the TLI Committee has been transformed into the Wynalda Faculty Development Committee. The committee is charged with making recommendations on how to best utilize the Wynalda Fund and other potential resources to develop the following:

  • Annual Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI)
  • Best practices in teaching and assessment
  • Discipline-specific professional development
  • Other professional development pertinent to the faculty role at Davenport University

The committee will minimally meet twice per semester to 1) create recommendations with stated outcomes or goals, 2) plan implementation of approved recommendations, and 3) assess outcome/goals after implementation. Due to the planning nature of TLI and other approved events, the committee may need to meet more frequently and work/communicate via email.

In order to ensure all faculty are represented on this committee, the committee shall consist of two representatives from each college as recommended by the corresponding Dean, a representative from the Center for Teaching Excellence, and co-chairs coming from the Vice Provost’s Office and the Office of Performance Excellence. The college faculty members will include representation from across the University (both delivery methods and campuses) and shall serve to ensure continued committee knowledge through staggered terms. The following details the terms for all committee members:

  • Donald W. Maine College of Business
    • representative #1—two years
    • representative #2—three years
  • College of Arts and Sciences
    • representative #1—two years
    • representative #2—three years
  • College of Health Professions
    • representative #1—two years
    • representative #2—three years
  • College of Technology
    • representative #1—two years
    • representative #2—three years
  • College of Urban Education
    • representative (due to size of college, only one representative for an initial three
    • year term; # of representatives will be revisited with growth of college)
  • Center for Teaching Excellence representative—continual (CTE Director may serve or may nominate a faculty representative from CTE)
  • Library Representative—three years
  • Representative from Faculty Senate—two years
  • Co-Chair from Vice Provost’s Office—unlimited
  • Co-Chair from Office of Performance Excellence-- unlimited

Current committee members include:

  • Irene Bembenista (co-chair)
  • Keri Dutkiewicz (co-chair)
  • Karen McLaughlin
  • Kelli Leask
  • Gabriela Ziegler
  • Sally Armstrong
  • Marjolijn van der Velde
  • Gerald Nyambane
  • Nora King
  • Kriss Ferluga
  • Richard Comden