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Campus Life

Campus Life engages in holistic student development, empowers learning and active citizenship, and enriches community through intentional programming.

Campus Life exists to support the overall mission, vision and values of the University. Students and their development are central to the mission of the Campus Life staff. We seek to achieve our mission by:

  • Complementing the academic experience and encouraging academic achievement
  • Promoting universal design and accessibility in both facilities and curriculum
  • Helping students to develop self-responsibility and respect for others
  • Working with students to build a campus community that is both supportive and inclusive
  • Creating experiences that expose students to new ways of thinking and living
  • Encouraging personal growth through the development of social skills, ethics and overall holistic wellness
  • Developing opportunities for students to learn and practice leadership skills
  • Assisting students with transition and adjustment issues
  • Engaging students in various opportunities within the communities we serve

As the Center for Campus Life works together to accomplish our mission, we are mindful that the methods we employ to accomplish our goals are just as important as the goals themselves. With that in mind, in an effort to maximize the development of the students with whom we work, we are committed to:

  • Promoting a safe and healthy campus environment
  • Recognizing and celebrating diversity
  • Serving as positive role models
  • Involving students
  • Providing a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive
  • Assuring the presence of high quality, dynamic student services that are responsive to student needs
  • Working collaboratively with other offices of the University and with the local community